Binge Eating Disorder/Emotional Eating

Binge Eating Disorder is classified on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) under a type of Eating Disorder. Some people also refer to this as “emotional eating” and it is usually connected in some way to how we feel. For example, imagine you are feeling angry with someone. Perhaps you play out conversations with them in your head as you start to overeat. After some time, instead of directing your anger at them, you become angry with yourself as this feels “safer”. Maybe you are now observing how much you have just eaten and feel a level of disgust or shame. This type of emotional eating can sometimes be used as a form of “numbing out” painful experiences using food as a comfort blanket.

Some people are conscious of their eating habits and feel a diet or exercise plan could be the answer. However, this kind of approach could lead to a damaging cycle of further binging.

Aisling is currently developing a Binge Eating Disorder programme associated with Eating Freely. This specialist programme focuses on 3F’s:

  • Feed yourself properly
  • Forgive yourself quickly
  • Focus on health and well-being just for now without a focus on dieting

Have you ever found yourself saying “the diet starts again tomorrow”? If you’re noticing that you’re stuck in a cycle of dieting or exercising followed by crashing or binging and then subsequently feeling shame or disgust then perhaps the above might be of interest to you. The programme focuses on nutrition and the neuroscience behind what actually happens in your brain while you are emotional eating. It will explore triggers, behaviours and new ways to counter-act those ingrained habits.

I can support you with a 12-week structured programme and break up certain ideas & beliefs around weight/diets/willpower. Develop self-compassion and freedom around food for life.

Aisling Piercy

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